How Artists Get Matched With Businesses

How Artists Get Matched With Businesses

Jessica TurnerOct 30, '21


If you’re a new artist to the helloart community, or are thinking about becoming an artist with helloart, welcome! This blog will outline how artists at helloart are matched with hosts (businesses) through a process which uses our smart platform; art pieces for exhibitions are selected based on the business spaces, and their specific needs. 

Onboarding new hosts is an exciting and in-depth process! Whenever we onboard a new host, we always measure their walls and add the dimensions to the platform. The platform then generates a selection of artists who have the correct amount and sizing of artwork that fit the space. For example, if the host has five spaces for artwork, but an artist only has four pieces of artwork, the artist will not appear as an option. The curators will then make a shortlist of artists whose artwork matches the description desired by the host (i.e material, subject, price range, etc.). The last step is by the host, who will then make the final decision. Once the host has settled on their choice of artwork, the artist will be contacted to begin the exhibition process. On a date specified, the artist will then bring the selected artwork to the host, where they will begin hanging their artwork on the provided hooks. Artists have up to 7 days from when they are notified to deliver their work to a host location. This is contingent on the artist accepting the exhibition space (host) – if the artist is not happy with the location, an alternate host will be arranged.

Keep in mind that art rotations happen every 8-12 weeks per host, so more artists are presented to the host every couple of months. We encourage artists to put all of their artwork on the helloart platform, to increase your chances of being selected to be exhibited. Therefore, for artists, it’s important to have a variety of sizes and prices, and always keep in mind the more artwork you have listed on your Helloart profile, the more likely you’ll show up for the curators to choose from. If an artist doesn’t show up as an option for a host, it’s typically because they don’t have enough pieces or enough variety of sizes. As an artist with helloart, it’s important to do the following:

  • Update your artist profile page with new artwork
  • Provide the correct measurements and price of your artwork
  • Ensure your artwork is available and easily accessible for when a sale occurs

  • Many of our sales happen online, so having all of your artwork in one place - on your helloart profile - ensures our buyers can see and purchase your work. helloart also provides smart art labels for all exhibited artworks (free of cost). Each art label contains a scannable QR code, which enable art lovers to learn more about the exhibited artwork, and easily purchase the work using their mobile phone at the host location.

    Keep note that if you do sell artwork on your own, make sure to mark it as ‘sold’ on the helloart platform. And if you’re exhibiting elsewhere, you have the option to hide specific pieces on your helloart account, and unhide them once they become available. If you sell your artwork elsewhere and forget to mark it as sold on your helloart profile, there’s a chance someone will purchase an unavailable artwork, and this doesn’t create a great experience for online buyers or the host. Helloart provides entirely free services to artists, but we do wish for them to keep their artwork and profile up to date.

    helloart would be nothing without the incredible artists from our community, so thank you to our artists for continuing to share your creative work, and for inspiring us to continue growing and learning along the way.

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