The Benefits of Exhibiting Your Artwork at Businesses

The Benefits of Exhibiting Your Artwork at Businesses

Jessica TurnerSep 17, '21

An opportunity to exhibit your art at a business is an exciting endeavor. Although we increasingly rely on digital representation and virtual shows, there is nothing like witnessing your artwork hanging in a physical location, where all its unique qualities are experienced again and again.


Artwork Contributes to a Greater Conversation

Artists work diligently conceptualizing their artwork; once it’s finished, the reward is truly when it is shared with others. Exhibiting your artwork in businesses provides a new perspective to your art and your practice. As art becomes increasingly intertwined with socio-political contemporary issues, it makes more sense for art to co-exist within businesses, becoming part of a greater dialogue and creating harmony within a space. Having your artwork seen provides a chance to translate to others, and affect them enough to garner a reaction, response, and emotion, resulting in the opportunity for valuable feedback. Taking part in exhibitions at businesses is not unlike exhibiting in a gallery, however, businesses offer a greater diversity of patrons and their personal interests – sometimes, those who wouldn’t typically go out of their way to see art in a traditional gallery or museum setting. This allows for fresh new eyes, insight, and varying conversations in response to your artwork.


Businesses and Artwork Work Well Together

Whether it be by improving employee morale in an office space, increasing customer satisfaction in a coffee shop, or creating balance in a busy restaurant, resting your eyes on a piece of artwork is a sensory experience, helping us make sense of our world, and often, ourselves. A process called embodied cognition, mentioned in an article by Arizona University, happens when you see a piece of artwork and analyze the piece as though you are actually in the scene depicted. Mirror neurons in the brain mimic the energy and movement you see in art, resulting in an emotion - you are effectively moved by artwork when you feel embodied cognition.[1] Now, imagine a patron in their favorite coffee shop, their senses heightened by the soft bustle of voices, the aroma of coffee beans filling the air, and the delight of being transfixed by a piece of artwork on a wall in front of them – the memory becomes stained, and later retrieved by purchasing that artwork and recreating the experience in their own home.


Your Artwork is Being Put to Use – Not Collecting Dust

As you begin a new work of art, several pieces may be stored away, collecting dust. helloart provides the opportunity for artists to present their artwork in businesses rather than going through the precarious process of applying for exhibitions in art galleries. Rather, your artwork becomes a beautiful addition to someone’s day, who isn’t particularly looking for art, but comes across it in their favorite local business. If you’re not exhibiting your artwork and it’s being stored away, you are missing out on many chances for someone to respond to your creativity, and the process it entails.


Creating a Deeper Connection within the Community

When patrons are viewing artwork made by artists within their community, a more accurate representation of that moment in time can be conveyed, where artwork can create or contribute to a conversation, and thread a line through relevant topics and subjects. Artists contribute to a collective voice, which cannot speak as emphatically without being experienced in person. Often, the businesses where artists are being represented at follow a similar sentiment, feeling, and aesthetic, whether that be through rolling hills in a landscape piece, abstract designs, or cultural, political, and social alignments.


Selling Your Artwork

Artists get discovered and make sales when exhibiting their art to the public. What’s unique to helloart is the use of a QR code next to each exhibited piece of artwork, which is scannable in the business, and provides all the information buyers would require prior to purchasing. When a customer scans the QR code using their mobile phone, they get redirected to the product page on, where they can learn more about the exhibited art piece, view other artwork by the artist, and read about the artist’s artistic process. This element connects the buyer and artist quickly and without delay, and saves the product information page on their phones. Thus, even if you don’t sell during an exhibition, sometimes customers end up buying art after the exhibition is over.


Gain Experience Exhibiting Artwork in Hybrid Settings

Exhibiting with helloart allows artists to gain experience exhibiting their artwork in hybrid settings, where the traditional gallery mold is left behind for a more relaxed and casual viewing experience. The aspect that the buyer may not happen to be looking for artwork at that particular time, but sees something that speaks to them at a business where they frequent – such as a the lobby of their office building – makes the exchange and encounter more organic and exciting. The unexpected encounter with a beautiful piece of art can simply be a pivotal experience by propelling new ideas, feelings, and thought processes.


Listen to what artists have to say about exhibiting with helloart:

“I am so terribly grateful to organizations like helloart that give emerging artists the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and exposure by coordinating exhibits within their local community.” -Drea Cohane

“Thanks for your support and your great website. What you do for art and artists here in Toronto is wonderful!” -Mona Raissi 

“Fortunately, last year I got acquainted with helloart. By exhibiting my artwork in non-traditional spaces, helloart helps me find new customers. The helloart team created a very effective software product, which allows to buy paintings using QR codes, and get payments through email transfers. I am very thankful to my new friends, Suzan and Hussain, for outsourcing my artwork sale process, which allows me to create more art.” -Natalia Timokhina 

“Thank you @helloartcanada for working so hard for your artists.” - Lisa Stead


[1] "How Looking at Art Can Help Your Brain: UAGC: University of Arizona Global Campus." UAGC. May 24, 2017. Accessed August 27, 2021.