Amanda Hornbrook

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Hello! My name is Amanda and I am an Ontario based, self-taught mixed media artist.

While my roots are Canadian, I grew up immersed in other cultures. Living overseas afforded me with an expansive and effervescent upbringing that influenced my passions, interests and – ultimately – my art.

Everything I make is brought to life with the utmost care, intention and purpose. I utilize bold colours and precise lines to bring a feeling of vibrancy to everything I create, while also branching out in subject matter, style and medium to achieve new forms of expression.

When I’m not in the studio, you can find me on my motorcycle looking for new adventures and my next source of inspiration.


“Riding motorcycles and slinging paint are two things that I am incredibly passionate about. When I’m able to bring them together it’s a celebration of a community and lifestyle that has been one of the most impactful additions to my life and creative drive. I’ve been riding for 5 years and painting for much longer, but I love constantly expanding my horizons - whether I’m taking on a road trip or a new medium - whenever possible.”