Amelia Volkman

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Amelia Volkman is an emerging artist based in Toronto, ON. Focused on nature, decay, and biodiversity, they bring their illustrative pieces to life with a combination of gouache, watercolour, and ink.

Amelia trained in illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design, and in design and client communications through a tattoo apprenticeship at a local shop in Michigan.

Amelia currently operates as Parkdale Cryptid, creating upwards of 60 fine art pieces per year. They accept commissions, sell paintings, design tattoos, and create product designs for Redbubble.

They are passionate about expanding their craft and tirelessly refining their natural talent.


My passion for art began at a young age, but so did my chronic illness. I have spent my life grappling with the implications of rotting from the inside, chronic pain, and being queer in an unkind world, and have ultimately found solace in themes of decay and rebirth. In nature both ebb and flow are integral - beauty grows from dissolution, and there is beauty in the act of disintegration itself. The ravages of time are inevitable, and the reclamation of that essential and ever-evolving fact grounds both my work as an artist, and my queer and disability identity.