Amy Fitzgerald

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Toronto based artist Amy Fitzgerald works in acrylic. She creates abstract modern paintings full of texture, layers and mark making. Due to the current environment, she primarily shares her work through online markets and platforms. She studied at The School of Environmental and Interior Design, University of California Los Angeles. Her work has been sold throughout the United States and Canada


I create abstract modern paintings that are a reflection of both my dreams and memories. I also draw inspiration from the spaces and the rhythms between objects. Then, using shapes and colours, I weave painted stories filled with joy and whimsy.

Working primarily in acrylic, I lay down multiple layers of color, texture and marks that allow for a richness in depth and colour. Sometimes I also play with multimedia to create depth and movement. The final painting rarely looks anything like the layers that have been used to create it, yet these layers leave the viewer with something new to discover each time they look at the painting.

My time at the easel brings me great pleasure. In the spring and summer, I move my studio to my front porch, where I’m able to engage with my community while pursuing my passion.

My hope is that my paintings bring as much joy to others as I experience from creating