Daniel Chechlacz

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Hi, I'm Daniel, a graphic designer and contemporary artist based in Toronto. Creativity and artistic expression have always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I could hold a pencil I was drawing and creating. I grew up doodling in my school books and always looked forward to art class. I graduated with a BA in Design from York University & Sheridan College and I make a living as a graphic designer today. Although designing on the computer screen is a lot of fun, there’s something special about creating real and tangible artwork.

I typically work on larger canvases using acrylic paint, and I utilize various tools and styles to obtain my desired results. My work ranges from colourful and serene to gritty and uncontrolled. I’m inspired by nature, music, dance and street art.

Painting brings joy and inspiration into my life, and I love to pass on that feeling to others. My mission is to create artwork that transforms your living space and uplifts your spirit.