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My name is Drew Rickard, I am an Indigenous person and I am 27 years old. Born and raised in Toronto, I am an entirely self-taught artist. I've never been able to afford much in terms of my art supplies, so there's always been that limitation on where my creativity could potentially go. I spend tons of time reading, and writing. All of my material is more or less original. I’m an aspiring professional artist, a creator of all sorts in my own time, with the hopes of eventually going to grad school, and furthering my studies towards something more specialized. Currently I work with First Story, an initiative based out of U of T which is focused towards storying the Indigenous perspective through campus tours, as being an affirmative first perspective as opposed to being an afterthought of colonial presence.


My work as a whole represents the inter-relations of all things alive. I look at my work as the unfolding of an infinitely folded paper, the paper being our experience, containing unending creases and details. I express my experience particularly. Throughout my work one can identify a variety of stylistic influences from surrealism to spiritualistic expressionism. I work primarily on canvas with oil paint, although I am always, always, looking for new ways to create. Currently I am also a full-time student in my 3rd year, at the University of Toronto double-majoring in Philosophy and Indigenous Studies. I have extensive experience academically and otherwise.

$3,500.00 CAD

Oil on canvas.


I really like this one, because it’s honest about how I’ve really felt at times. It’s honest about the feelings we really do feel. Some feelings have been connoted in such a way, there’s this unwritten rule that these feelings don’t have a place. I imagined the faces to be expressive of satirical undertones that we can sometimes experience in times of frustration. I feel like there's an unwritten rule when we express, that we can't express how we truly feel at times, and sometimes expression isn't always reflective of positive experiences. I don't consider negative experience as negative, I consider it necessary for growth. When char results from a fire, it fertilizes the soil.

Drew Rickard