Elizabeth Grant

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Born and raised in Waterloo, ON, even from a young age Elizabeth always loved art and drawing. You could always find her drawing what she observed around her, whether it be animals, places, or things. She tried many different types of art through her youth from graphite to acrylics to stamp making, but none seemed to capture her imagination quite like scratchboard art.

Brought to her attention in a high school art class, she and her peers were told to each etch an animal of their choosing. Not sure what to etch, she created a moose by request of the teacher, and it is still one of her most prized possessions. After that, from 2008 on she began to make scratchboard etchings for herself, and eventually her family and friends. When a family friend found out that she was making these pieces, he began to show her work at a local artisan store. It was here that she made her first art sale and discovered that this was her passion and goal in life, to spread joy and beauty through her art.
Since then, through markets and connections, she has sold many custom and original artworks, and is beyond excited to get to share her work with you.


I work from photographs and try to achieve realism in my etching while maintaining my own style. With each piece I learn something new about myself and the art that I create. I gain speed and skill and create pieces today that are far more detailed than when I began making this type of art. With the progression from piece to piece, I truly love making this art and seeing what the next work will bring.