Emma Maddock

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Hey there! My name is Emma and I’ve been passionate about art & the act of creativity for as long as I can remember.

I’m currently based in Ottawa, Canada and graduated with a Bachelor's of Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton University in 2021. As it stands, I’m a software developer by day and an artist by night.

My dream is to pursue art as my full-time career, where I have a dedicated studio for painting and creating pieces. I’d also love to see my paintings in galleries, and to have the ability to wake up and do something I’m passionate about every single day.

In my art, I love the use of bright and bold colour palettes, squiggly and curvy lines, and repetitive symbols that emerge as I create (commonly eyes, numbers, and words). I like to explore the themes of the circularity of life, self-perception, trauma, mental illness, womanhood, collective lived history, and the interconnections between all existing things and systems.


The Oddball philosophy is to break the rules, explore new mediums, and make mistakes. LIVE BRIGHTLY & CREATE BOLDLY!