Jeffrey McGuire

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It was in my youth that I became aware of my gift for visual expression. In the years that followed I developed my creative senses until finally, in my early thirties, I made a dedicated commitment to the creation of art.
I am a self-taught artist; continually expanding my repertoire of skills through the use of web-tutorials, social networking resources and with much appreciated support of friends and family.
Creating art is a process of exploration, investigation and play. It is an integral part of my life something I’m passionate about. I’m inspired in many ways through fellow artists, other people, music, animals, fashion, textiles, architecture, graphic design and natural elements.


I like to create art that is vibrant, bold, colourful and inspiring. I enjoy using a variety of materials and love to build up layers and textures in most of my work. I also really enjoy the the use of repeating shapes that work together to create interesting compositions.