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It is an Art Collective founded to express the innerself following intuition and expressing what comes to our minds, letting the ideas flow in spiritual way and constantly transform with no restrictions, breaking the rulesand combining our passion for art. .Here you will find Honest designs, where imperfection is transformed in Art. thats means we dont have any restriction in style or technique.The Sacred energy flows around our Cosmos and its impossible to set a face or a name up, it just living and manifest in many ways,the reason that we believe our No name pieces can heal the soul.


Jordy Velazquez.I am VFX compositor, Motion Graphics, Painter,and Drummer artist born in Mexico City, lived in UK, Germany and finally based in Toronto.My son was born and I begin to feel a different energy where I was obssesed to creating, playing and let this energy takes his own path.On the Painting I found a connection with my soul and my spirituality where I can explore the ideas and let them flow with no restrictions just let that energy came down. Where errors happen are used to learn and I let them transform in something beautiful. I can observe them as a teaching and not like a failure,from that perspective everything is a creative process, where failure transform in a powerful tool to grow and heal as a human being.To me No Name means no restrictions no rules... is a place where I can break the judgments of my mind and let the mistakes appear.
Jesica Torres.I was born under the constellation of Libra, a characteristic sign for art and beauty.Since I was a child I was interested in knowing, traveling and seeing with my eyes what the world has to be able to be creators. I am artist of my destiny born in Mexico, lived in UK, Germany and finally based in Toronto.It has been a path of discovering the ease of imagining and using my creativity at all times to solve problems and take care of the detailsof what I am doing. Traveling opened all my senses to capture precise moments and capture them in a photographywith a sense of spiritual message. The power of creation was manifested upon the arrival of my son, there the portal of love was opened and new lifeof expression began through painting and colors. And nowadays I am experimenting different techniques, listening my heart or simply thantrying different ways to express what I like on this journey in Art.