Lamara Mikheidze

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My name is Lamara and I have been an artist since I was a tiny kid. I have felt the need to create what I imagined in my head and felt in my heart. I grew up in the Middle East and moved to Canada at the age of 20.
I have a passion to explore all kinds of mediums, and taught myself at the age of 13 to use oils and acrylics. I am drawn to textural pieces and love the versatility resin gives me to add inclusions and create layers of texture and color.
Art was always a hobby, something I did in my down time. Three years ago I decided to start an Instagram account dedicated to my art and thought it would be a fun way to share my art journey with my family. Fast forward to today, my little account turned into a wonderful business and I have sold hundreds of painting and shipped paintings all over the world.


As an artist my passion is for colours and textures. I am a lover of the light and create works that are full of sparkle and crystals to capture it. Golden details, Glitters, and a variety of inclusions are always part of my mix. I work hard to create pieces that mimic the magic of nature all while looking modern and magical.