Lanni Weingarten

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Lanni is a mixed media artist, yogi, and dog lover living in Vancouver, Canada.
Informed by nature and her love of yoga; Lanni's artwork explores a whimsical response to the everyday beauty she sees around her. The movement in her paintings mimic the way she feels when on her yoga mat. Lanni’s art pulls the viewer’s eye into her pieces, giving the viewer time and space to process and pause. She likes playing with lots of colour, textures and media to create layers and depth in her “feel good”, happy art.

Lanni received the Artist of the month Award from The Union House for June 2020, Her most recent showings include a jury selected exhibit in December 2021 at the Richmond Art Gallery, and a “Flowers in February” exhibit in February 2022 at the Gallery George.

Lanni enjoys sharing her art philanthropically as a way to connect and give back to her community.


When I sit among the art in my home, I feel like I am being greeted by old friends. There is a sense that as long as my art is in its place on my walls, so too are the other elements of my life. I like to create pieces that provide the viewer with warmth, softness and joy; the way one feels in the presence of a good friend. My art is about taking time to pause and reflect. I use subtle messages; affirmations and pleasantries to remind the viewer as to what is truly important in this life. The viewer is meant to pause and meander my paintings; noticing the details revealed in the layers of the artwork as well as the layers of oneself.