Leslie Cline

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I started seriously painting later in life. I left the Corporate world to purse my passion full time in 2016. I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my life, and I create my paintings from photos of my travels. A trip to Africa, moved me in a profound way and being on safari was an experience I feel is tattooed to my soul... if that is possible. Travel in general is amazing to me...the smells that hit you, the different energy buzzing in the air, the surprise around every corner. So in my journey as a painter I try to recreate those times and places in my life where I got that buzz, that waft of African sage in the air, the lions pride in the early morning sun, that amazing door set in a crumbling wall, the cobblestone street, and sometimes just trying to capture the feel through abstraction. So if you stick around and join me on my journey, I hope that you will be surprised, you will connect and I can give you a glimpse into some of those wonders of this amazing world from my perspective.


I love painting with acrylics. The have an amazing versatility to create soft watery marks to thick strokes with all sorts of attitude. I have painted a lot of African wildlife, because I think animals are amazing. Seeing them up close on safari, was incredible... their energy, majesty, confidence and character were intriguing. I tend to use lots of unexpected colour when painting animals because to me that suits them. I also like to paint the wildlife to draw attention to the fragility of many species on this planet and without conservation efforts they will disappear. A percentage of my income goes to conservation efforts and other charities, as I believe we are part of a global community and should give back and share when we can!