Lindsay Graham

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Beginning her artistic career at a young age, Lindsay has continuously been inspired by innovative designers, style icons, and the entertainment industry. Her dreams soon came to fruition when she moved from the small city of Brockville, Ontario to Toronto to pursue a career in the arts. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design at Ryerson University, she has since applied her skills to a variety of career paths from Social Media Marketing to Web Design, Apparel Design, Wardrobe Styling, and Creative Direction.

Lindsay passionately creates her artwork using various mediums, from charcoal and pencil to watercolour and acrylic. Her style is expressionistic and has a messy illustrative quality to it, making each piece one-of-a-kind and emotionally appealing. Though she specializes in portraiture and fashion illustration, she also enjoys applying her artistic style to other subjects and scenes found in nature.


"Art Imitates Life"

I believe that everything in nature holds beauty in its own right, found even more significant by the way an artist takes his or her time to capture its subject. The seemingly small elements that make a person, place, or thing unique compared to all others is what I aim to find in each of my pieces, bringing light to the things that make them special.

My artwork romanticizes the way a person moves their body, the expressions on their faces, and their distinguishing human features. I enjoy playing with a variety of textures, colours, and mediums, as each represent a sense of personality and emotive energy.