Morgan Abenhaim

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Morgan Abenhaim is a multimedia fine artist based in Toronto, Ontario. In 2013, Morgan graduated with a BFA from OCAD University, where she majored in drawing and painting. Throughout her time there, Morgan’s focus was primarily on explorations within portraiture.


The human iris contains more than 200 identification points that are encoded within the grooves and ridges of the pattern in each of our eyes. Each eye is completely unique from one another. Drawing on this as inspiration in her current body of work, The artist explores her subject further through narrowing in on the human iris as a means to deconstruct conventional portraiture.

By eliminating the physiological markers of identity (race, gender, facial expression..etc), The artist explores moments of intimacy, and connection by diving into the essence of her subjects. Localizing her focus on the iris and utilizing the impact of eye contact as a tool to sever the selected subjects from the confines of their physical containers and the societal stigmas that come with them.

Dissolving the physical form ripples outwards. Distorting the historical confines of the viewer/subject dynamic and extracting the traditional symbolic context from portraiture; to shift and redefine it.

These bodiless portraits are being utilized as a vehicle to explore various components of the human experience. After each subject has been stripped down to an otherwise anonymous form - are we still capable of connecting?