Natalia Timokhina

Natalia Timokhina is an emerging artist born in Russia and currently based in Toronto. With her art she explores the concept of freedom and moving away from outdated and boring rules, frames and restrictions.

Her interest in visual art emerged in childhood, although for the longest time she never seriously engaged with art. Instead, she explored more “down to earth” subjects – law and economics. But the creative spark was still there, waiting to be discovered.

Initially, Natalia turned to photography and studied at the Moscow Academy of Photography. Although these studies and a 10-year photography practice gave her a strong background in composition, light and color, she always felt that she wanted more freedom in creating art and expressing herself.

In 2016-2018 she completed a three-year painting course at Igor Sakharov’s Fine Art School in Moscow, which helped her to develop her own style and form thematic preferences. With that new background, the process of fine art creation started to flow easily and naturally.

Natalia is very liberal in her painting process: a larger canvas and substantial amount of oil provide her with more freedom for expression, thus defining her art style as expressionism. All of her works translate optimism and love for people and life, mainly because she leaves a part of her heart in every painting. She has finally found the right way to explore the meaning of freedom.

During all these times, Natalia hasn’t forgotten her other passion - writing poems in her native Russian language. A number of her books have already been published, including the book of poems for children “From Three to Thirteen”, for which she had drawn more than 200 graphic illustrations.

In 2019 Natalia participated in 2 international art competitions “Patterns, Textures & Forms” and “SeaScapes” organized by the Light, Space & Time Art Gallery (USA), as a result of which 4 of her paintings were awarded the Special Recognition Award.


Looking back at my life, I now realize that a creative process is the culmination of the search for freedom. It’s a process that enables an individual to step away from an artificial framework established by our society. When I started painting, I could finally get a taste of what true freedom can be like as there are practically no limitations in arts. In each of my works I try to express true human being emotions, which people usually tend to hide, and draw my inspiration from nature with its faultless harmony and inexhaustible color palette. I believe, oil is the ideal medium for this challenge due to its plasticity, vibrant color and rich texture, combination of which enables me to tell a fascinating story without words. My other art-related activities include photography and drafting poems for kids. I do hope my arts bring more positivity into this complicated world.