Rachele Boudreau-Dayrit

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I am a 24 year old, 2Spirit nonbinary Native Artist, my father is Siksika Blackfoot while my mother is White Canadian with Ojibwe Ancestry.
I was born with my culture surrounding me up until my parents separated, my mom did her best to find elders and community for me so I was able to listen and learn from them.
I am now currently living in the big city, I began selling art official this year but have always made art and can't remember a time in my life I didn't have a pencil or paint brush in my hand.
I am also disabled and have become a full time Artist to help my family and community, my main platform is social media because of my inability to sell in person.
I make art that not only represents my culture, but our beliefs with animals, spirits and the connection it has to us all as well as art that leaves a message about current Native/First Nation issues today.


As an artist I found myself in art the same way I find myself in ceremony, it frees your mind and spirit. Art also represents pieces of the artists that created it, you can see things from a new perspective and you can learn things about what the artist wants you to see or learn about them.