Sherry Shayan

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Sherry is a self-taught Iranian-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. She has a versatile choice of medium and work surface, ranging from coloured pencil drawings on small sized papers and acrylic paintings on large canvases to digital and virtual reality works of art. Sherry started her professional career since 2018, when she decided to quit her engineering job and travel the world while practicing art. Living in different parts of the world and volunteering in farms and hostels had a significant impact on her works as well as her personal life. Traveling is not the only source of inspiration for her, but philosophy and science have always been impacting her works. Her style is a combination of surrealism and minimalism.


Sherry’s works usually consist of mysterious shapes floating in a large dreamlike space with sharp contrasts of light and shadow, which symbolize her struggle with absurdity, questioning the incompatibilities and attitudes that have formed our world. The space she creates are mostly one-point perspective in order to bring the viewer’s attention to the specific objects. The bright colours of her choice emphasize on an inner childish happiness as a way of overcoming the absurdity of life.

$1,225.00 CAD

Acrylic on canvas.


This is an older painting of mine. It is a recreation of the Italian Renaissance artist Titian's "The Rape of Lucretia"; However, it has changed in context and meaning. This painting represents the inner struggle of self and ego, which I believe is the most destructive war of all time. Because, any external war has its roots in an individual dissatisfaction with her/himself.

Sherry Shayan