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Susy Danelon @susydanelonart
I was born in Mexico City, there I attended UAS to study Graphic Design. I have lived in Toronto for 33 years. For the last 29 years I've been taking multiple workshops and art courses and have learned many different art techniques as a self-taught artist in my home studio.
I have been a member of the artist collective Art Gala Forum since 2003.
I've had multiple solo and group exhibitions since 2007 and have gotten a 2 awards when participating in juried shows. I have been doing commissions and rental of my works for television sets and locations for filming. I like to work with many different mediums and sizes of canvas, from very small to very large and my two favourite mediums are acrylic and oil.


Since I was a little girl, I had a love of colour and a strong desire to create, since then,I have not stopped. I have always been passionate about texture and all the different mediums. I find great joy in being able to manifest my ideas into canvas inspired by my own life experiences and by what moves me deep inside. I love the fact I can share the beauty of art and move viewers in some way, sometimes using their imagination to take them to a colourful and magical place.