Szonja Vucsetics

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Szonja Vucsetics was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1982, and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of ten, where she currently lives and works. She earned her BFA in drawing and painting at OCAD University in 2007. She works in different media, primarily oil paint on canvas combined with paper collage, addressing themes of land, the environment, memories, emotions, separation, migration, dwellings, nature, and spirituality. She has exhibited in Budapest and Toronto, and her work is held in local and international private collections.


I am an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in drawing, painting, and paper collage. Through material explorations with brushwork, and colour, my work often focuses on our relationship to land as the place that holds our stories.
Each of my paintings acts as an individual and cumulative narrative interwoven with other paintings. My work employs the methodology of traditional oil painting at times incorporating found materials, such as scrap paper and maps. In the landscapes I paint, nature interacts with and becomes a metaphor for the human experience. My work speaks the visual language of stories and dreams, playfully blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, impression and expression, representation and abstraction. Like storytelling, my paintings contemplate existential questions, through a process of gestures on canvas that metaphorically evoke rather than reproduce dominant archetypes and symbols. Colour is my voice in telling stories; depicting the ebbs and flows of activity and rest, through vivid hues and dark voids. I wish to explore internal and external landscapes, and the interactions between humans and nature, with pieces of my own story through the land, figures, and places depicted in my work.