Tri Le

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My name is Tri Le, and I am currently live in Toronto, Ontario. When I was a child, I saw a beautiful landscape painting of my aunt that was the most meaningful inspiration to me at that time, since then, I started to pick up my pencils and brushes to embark on the journey of art.


My inspirations come from beautiful moments in life, and from emotional stories.

I enjoy landscapes in Canada, autumn leaves that make me think of old friends, the rainy clouds that seems like Chopin's nocturnes or the blue Great Lake in the sunset that looks like a old man getting lost in his thoughts.

It is impossible not to mention figurative art, human is the masterpiece of nature, and each person has his/her/their own appearance, emotions, and stories. Each painting tells its own story, and to enjoy art is to understand and empathize.

I love to work on various kinds of material such as oil paints, charcoal or pencils. Lines, shapes, textures and colors that help me to depict my emotions, as I can say painting is story telling without words.