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Weaam Madamani is a self-taught contemporary visual artist who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Her distinctive personal style emanates joy and peace and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the many genuine specimens of crystals found in nature. Madamani collects rare precious pieces of crystal quartz, agate slices, and gemstones from nature, and she immortalize them in her works. Throughout the years, she has developed her own techniques and touch, whether in her epoxy resin pieces, or her acrylic/oil paintings. She has worked with a variation of different materials, and mediums such that pouring medium, acrylics, oils, watercolours, markers, chalks, pencil crayons, epoxy resin and more. Currently, Madamani works mainly with epoxy resin, as it is her favourite medium to work with. She also work with precious materials such as Brazilian quartz, genuine zirconia cubic stones, 24k gold, genuine natural crystals of various kinds and forms, agate slices, geode and much more. The harmony of these elements reflects her interpretation of the beauty of nature in her works.


As an artist, I work very hard to choose each design, colours, crystals for an art piece. I always try to make my art very versatile, unlimited, classy, calm, luxurious and open to ideas. I make art that speaks to me and others about the beauty found in nature and planet earth. Part of my rituals before starting a new painting, I do deep research about the meanings of crystals and their kinds, energies, the psychology and meaning of colours in relation to the crystals used, so I can better pick and choose which ones to add to my new piece. I do not intend for my art to only capture the beauty found in our planet earth, but also to breathe life, love, energy, spirituality and peace into them. My art is a combination of my own inspirations mixed with the personal stories and inspirations of my clients. My greatest challenge while working on my piece is to be able to capture and showcase the art in their upmost glory and beauty. My passion for art is what keeps me motivated to make art, as it is a personal process of self-healing, freedom, self-fulfilling, and escape from reality. It is my own signature, as it proves my existence as an artist. The meaning and purpose my clients find in my art, is also one of the other things that keeps me highly motivated. One of my clients once stated that, “[my] art is very therapeutic to [her]. They bring [her] inner peace and comfort to [her] heart.”

$1,200.00 CAD

Epoxy Resin on gallery birchwood round panel.


The shape of this artwork is inspired by geodes and amethyst crystals. It displays one large specimen of the Ametrine phantom crystal cluster. It weighs about 300g with a color palette of purple, clear, and smokey brown. On the edge, we have a natural amethyst crystal point and three natural Ametrine crystal points specimen with different purple tones, smokey brown, and rainbow effects. In addition, we have added one natural amethyst geode cluster. Along with a sprinkled mix of natural amethyst chips all around the crystal sections. The glass section also has lavender rhinestones planted between the rocky areas of the artwork. As well as a handcrafted resin crystal placed on top of the piece to add beauty and frame the piece. Epoxy resin is poured on a gallery birchwood round panel of the size of 20 inches. A variety of pigment combinations were used, to make the agate/geode linear patterns, from inks to resin pigments, mica powder, metallic gold, and pure pigments.

During the day, the natural crystals reflect their beauty and shape onto its surrounding, creating a dreamy scene. In contrast, this piece does not fail to give you a magical and captivating experience in a low lighting/flash setting, where the piece will be dancing and sparkling through the eyes of the viewer.

20 x 20 x 2.5 inches + height of the crystals.

Weaam Madamani

$7,500.00 CAD

Epoxy Resin on a round wooden panel.


Treasure Island is layered with 24k gold from Thailand and contains over 5kg of natural Brazilian clear crystal quartz points, 500g of clear crystal quartz chips, and over 5000 real clear zirconia gemstones of varying sizes between 2-10, and 3 points of diamond Herkimer.

30 x 30 x 1.5 inches (not including the height of crystals), on a round wooden panel.

This piece is inspired by the varying species of crystals, gemstones, and minerals found in nature. It is about self-reflection, focus, clarity, luxury, elegance, sophistication, and success. The crystals are handbuilt into delicate florally designed clusters filled in between the zirconia stones to contrast and compliment the planted crystal clusters. The crystals were placed in a custom hand-made rock-sandy texture to imitate the rock parts found in natural specimens. The clusters and edges of the crystals were highlighted with metallic gold to contrast the dark background of the artwork, bringing back life and energy into the piece. The black color was chosen for this piece in order to not overshine the beauty of the natural gemstones, crystals, and gold metal on the display, but to, at the same time, spread clarity, balance, and elegance through reflection onto its surroundings.

Weaam Madamani