Host FAQ

Are you interested in working with helloart as a host? Our Host FAQ will help answer some common questions about the process and what to expect.

What is a host?
A host is any local business interested in exhibiting local art and making it available for sale to their clientele. These include restaurants, lounges, bars, cafes, corporate offices, hotels, law firms, medical clinics, etc.

How do I become a host?
Sign up at

Why join helloart?

  • Improve your ambiance with original, local art.
  • Increase foot traffic to your establishment.
  • Support local artists.
  • Connect with your community.
  • Improve employee morale and spark creativity with original art on the wall.
  • Invite customers and use art as an ice breaker and conversation starter.

How much does the helloart service cost? 
helloart offers affordable packages. Please contact us for details at

How does the process work?

  1. The host chooses art pieces from helloart’s curators assist with this step.
  2. The artist delivers the art to the host location and installs the art.
  3. helloart provides art labels with QR codes to enable sales using mobile phones at the host location.
  4. The art will be exhibited for 8-12 weeks.
  5. By the end of the 8-12 weeks period, the art that is not sold will be picked up by the artist.

Who handles the sales process? 
helloart handles the sales process end-to-end through its platform.

Does helloart offer curatorial services?
Yes, please email for more information.

Is there a contract between helloart and the host?

Who is responsible for damaged or stolen art?
Hosts are required to insure the artworks that are being exhibited in their establishments. Your existing insurance probably covers such items. We highly suggest you check with your current insurance provider.

How long is an art piece exhibited at a host location?
The exhibition period is 8-12 weeks.

Who is responsible for delivering the art to hosts?
The delivery of art is managed by the artists.

Who hangs the artworks at host locations?
Artists are responsible for hanging their art.

Who provides the art labels?
helloart provides smart art labels for all exhibited artworks (free of cost). Each art label contains a scannable QR code, which enable art lovers to learn more about the exhibited artwork, and easily purchase the work using their mobile phone at the host location. See example below.