Host FAQ

How does the process work for a host?
This is how it works: 
1) The host chooses art pieces from
2) Helloart contacts the artist to make sure that the host fits their requirements. 
3) The artist delivers the art to the host location and installs the artwork(s). 
4) Helloart provides art labels with QR codes to enable sales using mobile phones at the host location (free of cost).
5) The art will be exhibited for 8 weeks.
6) When an artwork is sold, the host keeps 20% commission. 
7) By the end of the 8-week period, the art that is not sold will be picked up by the artist.

Who are the hosts?
A host is any local business interested in exhibiting local art to their clientele with the intent to sell. These include restaurants, lounges, bars, cafes, corporate offices, hotels, law firms, medical clinics, etc.

How do I become a host?
Sign up at

How much does the service cost?
Helloart offers affordable packages. Please contact us for details.

How does the commission split work? 
The artist keeps 60%, helloart keeps 20%, and the host keeps 20%.

Who handles the sales process? 
Helloart facilitates sales end-to-end.

When and how does the host get paid when an art is sold? 
The host gets paid via bank transfer, e-wire, or Paypal, within 30 days after art is sold.

Does helloart offer curatorial services?
Yes. Please email for more information.

Is there a contract between helloart and the host?
Yes, helloart will send a contract to the chosen hosts.

Who is responsible for damaged or stolen art? 
Hosts are required to insure the artworks that are being exhibited in their establishments. Your existing insurance probably covers such items. We highly suggest you check with your current insurance provider.

How long is an art piece exhibited at a host location? 
The exhibition period is 8 weeks.

Who provides the art labels?
Helloart provides labels for all exhibited artworks free of cost (example below). The labels contain QR codes, which enable sales using mobile phones at host locations.

Who is responsible for delivering the art to hosts?
The delivery of artwork(s) is managed by the artist.

How long will an artist take to deliver art to a host location?
Up to 7 days from when the artist is notified.

Who hangs the artworks at host locations? 
Artists are responsible for hanging their artwork(s).

If the art is not sold, what is the method of returning the art to the artist?
Helloart will contact the artist to pick up their unsold art.

Are taxes charged and remitted? 
Yes, helloart manages this.

Have questions?
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