Acrylic on Canvas, 2022


Acrylic on canvas
Certified for authenticity.

This artwork is created in a playful, expressive style with spontaneous brush strokes and gestural movements. This contemporary acrylic painting technique on canvas comes to life with the choice of colours chosen by the artist to uplift the greens of the trees and forest. The nature scene is breathtaking and makes you want to bring nature indoors. The light behind the deep forest enables the viewer to hug the tall trees as the eye moves across the canvas. The suspended bridge takes you up into the depths of the mountain tops.

Mariam Qureshi was inspired by the walk on the suspended bridge in Capilano, British Colombia. The Capilano bridge was built in 1889. It used to be made with hemp rope, replaced with other materials in 1902. This painting lets us all take a trip to this great outdoor location.

Original Created:2022

A walk on the wild side

Mariam Qureshi



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