Acrylic on stretched canvas (pine wood frame).


Title: Mt. Rundle

Canvas: 3 Gallery stretched Cotton Canvas, varnished twice, signed and dated on the front.

Size and Weight: Each of the 3 pieces are 14.5 inches width x 31 inches height x 2 inches depth. 5 pounds.
Total Size and weight with approximate 2 inch spacing: 47.5 inch width x 31 inches height x 2 inches depth. 15 pounds/ 6.8 kg together

Dominant Colors: Blue, Brown Medium: Acrylic, floetrol, gloss varnish, Medium Walnut Danish oil stained pine frame

Ready to Hang: 3 Vertical pieces

My piece Mt. Rundle is a triptych connecting together across three canvases. The background was poured in chilling mountain range colors in abstract patterns with acrylic paints. Once dried I used Mount Rundle in Banff Canada as a reference for a abstract cubism shaped mountain. I spent time in Banff and loved this mountain with a passion and tried to capture it's beauty in this triptych piece. The 4 mountain colors are three simple solid layers which compliment the complex patterns in the sky. The three frames are the same size and are stained in a Medium Walnut.

Mount Rundle

Leah Brekelmans



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