Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with resin finish.


Name: " Come walk with me "
Size : 36 x 24 ( inches)Gallery wrapped canvas, resin coated and ready to hang on wall.

I like my memory features of Munich,Germany where i lived my life, felt heavenly special from the core of my soul, found treasure that i have today, made impossible to possible and reason to live a beautiful life. I realized while painting that it is a whole new way of my working. I felt joy in me of taking courage to portray it to the world because i lived that moment.

After several years of continous practicing made my expression of impasto impressionism art is unique. I got a whole new experience from canvas making to composition and from editting to putting artistic touch of my memories. While painting i surrenderd to it all. European rhythmic buildings, individual movements , lights , cars, shops, misty trees , falling sky and the love in air are giving a whole new story of living a moment. Why the ambience changes when we go back there again from where we once live? Why we can't hold the air, time and crowd around us?

I can not explain why i place each color where, nothing happened on canvas by chance. Its all deliberately stroked and tried best to express it the way my memories were. Worked alot behind the scenes on it and addition of resin gave it a life that is enforcing you to live that moment with me. I am the person who wants to put everything on canvas, showing different moments without blinking my eyes.

Come walk with me

Munazzah Farhan



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