Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with resin finish.


Name: " Landscapes awaits dawn"
Size: 24 x 36 ( inch)Gallery wrapped canvas, resin coated and ready to hang on wall.

I simply adore to live in beauty of landscapes because it makes me realize myself to be wild again every ounce in a while. It gives me the message of let find out my strength, filling essence of purity in me, encourage me to inhale the joy from every breath i take, enduring hope and wrapping my sincerity around me.

Illustration of wide and vast sky, sunset peeping under a cloud, soothing colors to make my soul calm and differentiating my positivity through spreading rays are empowering me a message that i have my wings but to land on a magical place, carry a spoon of wisdom that make my fly easier and let me safe from falling down. Feel like walking in ravishing fields where blooming flowers are a garden of my life on the ground. Why not you have courage to stand against your mind? Why not you let your soul free from the dust of criticism? Why not you let all your fears go? Why not you believe on your skills?

I work so hard on every part of canvas to get it close to the reality. I love my emborsed impressionism style of painting that gives a illusion that is close to the reality. I am loving a story of coated resin that is helping my dream real.

Landscapes awaits dawn

Munazzah Farhan



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