Textured, Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.


Name: " Success is ahead "
Size: 24 x 36 (inches)
Medium: Textural and Acrylic, gallery wrapped canvas and varnished.

I created the path of trials beautifully as a rough bridge in abstract style. Compose of coated textured, layered, mixed palette, details and varnished. Success comes over several trials. Surrounded by hurdles in the form of texture, trials as vibrancy of palette, few dark shades of depressed along with many bright shades of pink that is hope and universal love of oneself, story of being consistent while overcoming the tasks of trials as sketched lines and the brightness of dim light is leading towards success. I spreaded the Green color symbolism of renewal of the soul after finding that the soul is leading a success. So keep trying and never let your fears to overcome your potential. You will find your way soon.

Success is ahead

Munazzah Farhan



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