Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with resin finish.


Name: " Take a moment to notice "
Size : 15 x 30 ( inches)Gallery wrapped canvas, resin coated and ready to hang on wall.
I ever feel that how many moments there are in just one breath of air, inhale and exhale, i go quiet myself, i get to know that they are actually endless then my thoughts and in them i get an infinite amount of life.

Why you hurry all the time? Why you always overwhelmingly pressurise yourself to race with others? Why you are waiting of yourself for so long?

Worked alot on the background and accomplished by taking out teal on the top of the canvas. I made flowers with gaps and continuity in impressionism impasto style. Gaps are telling that when breath stops, no life and no more chance. I stop waiting for life to happen with me nicely. I don't take life so seriously instead i keep my strength higher then my fears. I use to count on my blessings that i have, i notice smallest victory, i care about the emotions and fix my life myself. Through my paintings, i deliver message to lift you up. Need is to do observe. Coated resin added life in it.

Take a moment to notice

Munazzah Farhan



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