Textured, Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with resin finish.


Name : " The splendour of present times"
Size : 36 x 24 ( inches) Gallery wrapped canvas, resin coated and ready to hang on wall.

Being an artist, i feel that to make my canvas realistic, have to believe on my vision through heart. Natural stigma of our soul wants distinctive visions in one moment. Have you ever thought how nice it could have been to have multiple visions under the same sky ? There would probably never be such anything that could better describe who i am, as much as my paintings can and will do for me. I felt myself so much in the depth of this vision.

I want you to feel your soul in the down view of warm amber tones within the soothing pink hues contrast with calming bluish tones, the sound of water, mother nature of breakwaters, carefree sky rolling eye on you and covering your loneliness. And simultaneously soul wanted to be on the top of island, a few steps away from the spotlessly running water, amazing piece of paradise, spectacular view and scented air. Why you wait for tomorrow? Why not you make your journey short? Why not you overlap your thoughts? Why not you love yourself?

I worked on it for so long, layer after layer with acrylics, it reflected the energy of my times. My impasto impressionism makes me realize that there is much more depth on canvas to create in less drying time. Varnish by resin coat added life in it. Feel your loneliness because it worth it to lift you up.

The splendour of present times

Munazzah Farhan



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