Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.


Name: " Waiting for you since long"
Size: 24 x 36 (inches)
Medium: Textural and Acrylic, gallery wrapped canvas and varnished.
I take Forest as a symbol of Rooted emotions. Created the image with strong coated textured, layered, vibrant shades, details and varnished. Trees give us the feeling of strength and expand the interval of life. This painting is full of old, hidden and waiting emotions. Beautiful stream is passing by the trees is the time which is moving on and trees are the ones who is waiting so long along with the smartness of strength and having beauty in themselves. Worked on details with minor several textures to combine the essence of memories. Sometimes some feelings are unfolded, committed to only soul and by enduring them you will get its flavor in a language of strength.

Waiting for you since long

Munazzah Farhan



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