Graphite, ink and metal leaf on 100% cotton rag paper (framed).


The inspiration behind my piece "The Hanging Of Angelique" for the Black History Month "From There to Now" show at the Artusiasm Gallery.

Marie-Joseph Angélique was a young woman from Portugal. Angélique was a slave owned by Thérèse de Couagne de Francheville in Montréal. In 1734, she was charged with arson after a fire destroyed Montréal’s merchants' quarter. It was alleged that. She was convicted, tortured and hanged.It's still unknown if she was the culprit, Angélique’s story has come to symbolize Black resistance and freedom.It's just so sad that even after almost 300 years that this is still relevant in the world today!

The Hanging Of Angelique

Nathan Dixon



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