Acrylic and Artistic Plaster on stretched canvas (pine wood frame).


Title: Special Walnut Aerial Series Medium

Canvas: Gallery stretched Cotton Canvas, varnished twice, signed and dated on the back.

Size and Weight: 21 inches width x 28 inches height x 2 inches depth. 2.8 Kg

Dominant Colors: Blue, Brown

Medium: Canvas, Pine Wood, Acrylic, Floetrol, Gloss Varnish, Special Walnut stained pine frame, Artistic Plaster, Silicon Oil

Ready to Hang: Verical

This piece is a birds eye view painting around natural rock formations. I poured the background in bright blue, dark blue and white waves and currents ebbing and flowing across the canvas. I designed the rocks based on the initial water pour and placed them in with layers of brown, yellow and soft orange colors applied with a pallet knife with an artistic plaster applied to make the rocks glossy and stand out of the canvas. The rocks give real depth with the thick pallet knife painting method I use. Finally I very carefully added in dark and light blue designs around the rocks to integrate them into the water and added in rushes of white capped waves against the shore and rocks with the poured movement of water.

Special Walnut Aerial Series Medium

Leah Brekelmans



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