Epoxy Resin on a round wooden panel.


Treasure Island is layered with 24k gold from Thailand and contains over 5kg of natural Brazilian clear crystal quartz points, 500g of clear crystal quartz chips, and over 5000 real clear zirconia gemstones of varying sizes between 2-10, and 3 points of diamond Herkimer.

30 x 30 x 1.5 inches (not including the height of crystals), on a round wooden panel.

This piece is inspired by the varying species of crystals, gemstones, and minerals found in nature. It is about self-reflection, focus, clarity, luxury, elegance, sophistication, and success. The crystals are handbuilt into delicate florally designed clusters filled in between the zirconia stones to contrast and compliment the planted crystal clusters. The crystals were placed in a custom hand-made rock-sandy texture to imitate the rock parts found in natural specimens. The clusters and edges of the crystals were highlighted with metallic gold to contrast the dark background of the artwork, bringing back life and energy into the piece. The black color was chosen for this piece in order to not overshine the beauty of the natural gemstones, crystals, and gold metal on the display, but to, at the same time, spread clarity, balance, and elegance through reflection onto its surroundings.

Treasure Island

Weaam Madamani


Mixed media

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