Agnes Bellegris

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Agnes Bellegris is a Canadian representational acrylic painter splitting her time between Toronto and Prince Edward County, Ontario. She paints idyllic landscapes, cherished animals, and happy semi-abstract florals. Her colourful paintings are meant to create positive, thoughtful feelings for the viewer.
Born and raised in Toronto, Agnes has lived in several Canadian cities and has been painting from a very early age. Although the industry considers Agnes self-taught, she is extremely grateful to the wonderful artists she has worked with as teachers and mentors. Having lived and traveled across Canada, Agnes has been provided with endless inspiration for her paintings. A professed collector of inspirational photos, Agnes hopes to be able to find time to paint all of them one day.

Agnes has exhibited her work online over the past few years as well as in person at McMaster University, the Hamilton Art Gallery, Leslie Grove Gallery, Melt Gallery, and is currently an elected member of Arts On Main Gallery, an artist cooperative in Picton, Ont. and now through helloart. She is excited to keep showing her work in the coming years.


“In all my work, I am driven by a deep reverence for the natural world and a desire to share its magnificence with others. Through my art, not only do I want to awaken an appreciation for our natural world, but I also want viewers to join me in taking small or large steps to be catalysts for change. By reducing our ecological footprint one action at a time, we become advocates. As a collective we can ensure that our beautiful earth will be preserved for future generations."