About Us


Have you ever walked into a restaurant or an office and seen a breathtaking painting, and wondered if you could bring it home? That’s what helloart is about — we partner with businesses to host local artwork that customers can easily purchase.

Based in Toronto, Canada, helloart is reinventing the art discovery and buying experience by exhibiting original art in businesses across the city to make it effortless for anyone to enjoy and buy art.

Our vision is to be every community’s inspiration for showcasing its artists and their stories.

At helloart, we know that your tastes are as unique as the art itself. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find your favorite original art pieces by creating specific collections. From abstract to black and white, limited edition prints and photography to pieces under $250, we have something for everyone! If you live in Toronto, you can also enjoy and purchase exhibited art in-person at any of our host locations. Rest assured, when you purchase from helloart, you are directly supporting independent artists and their work.

Feature Your Art
helloart would be nothing without the incredible artists from our community. We work with talented local artists to help them exhibit and sell their art in non-traditional venues across the city. Art lovers will be able to discover and purchase your artwork from local businesses or online through helloart's platform. Learn more here.

Exhibit Art in Your Business
Interested in exhibiting local art? We can help. helloart provides art rotation service that will help boost your business's ambiance, spark creativity for employees and create a warm, welcoming environment for your customers. Becoming a host not only creates benefits for your business, but also allows you to connect with your community, support local artists and earn revenue from art sales. Learn more here.