Artist FAQ


Are you an artist interested in working with helloart? Our Artist FAQ will help answer some common questions about the process and what to expect.

We believe that art should be accessible to all, and we are committed to assisting the development of a more democratic atmosphere in creative communities everywhere. Read our blog 'Democratizing Art in Toronto and Beyond' to learn more.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up at

Is there a sign-up fee or any upfront costs?
No, the helloart platform is free for artists.

Why should I join helloart?

  • Increase sales. There are thousands of visitors to and thousands of walk-ins to helloart venues (i.e. businesses), each presents an opportunity to sell your work.
  • Increase exposure. By exhibiting your work and leveraging helloart’s strong online marketing, you will reach a wider audience.
  • Exhibit in non-traditional venues. Focus on creating art and helloart will identify suitable exhibition locations for you to pick from.
  • Feel supported. helloart works hard to ensure our artists feel heard and understood. We regularly post valuable content such as "How to Maintain Artwork" and "How to Present Your Artwork Online" geared towards uplifting our artists and improving their practice.
  • Outsource the sales process. helloart manages the art sales process end-to-end.
  • Get a helloart online store. Create a professional online website that is computer and mobile friendly, and accepts all payment types.
  • Reduce time and budget spent on marketing. helloart invests heavily on marketing (online and offline) to promote its artists network to art buyers.
  • Benefit from helloart’s smart art labels. helloart offers gallery-quality smart art labels that contain QR codes, which enable sales using mobile phones at business locations.

How does helloart match artists with businesses?
Here is a blog that describes how helloart matches artists with businesses to exhibit and sell their work. 

How does the process work?

  1. The artist lists their original/limited edition, ready-to-hang art pieces on
  2. helloart finds local businesses interested in exhibiting and selling the artworks.
  3. helloart contacts the artist to make sure that the business fits their requirements.
  4. If selected for the exhibition, the artist delivers the art to the business location or to helloart's storage unit.
  5. helloart hangs the artworks and smart art labels. The labels contain QR codes to enable purchases using mobile phones.
  6. The art is exhibited for 3 months. All exhibited artworks are insured by helloart.
  7. When an artwork is sold, the artist keeps 60% commission (indigenous artists keep 100% of sale price).
  8. By the end of the exhibition, the art that is not sold is picked up by the artist.

What is the commission split when art is sold at a business location or online through
The artist keeps 60%, and helloart keeps 40%.
ndigenous artists keep 100% of the sale price.

Can I continue to sell my artwork through other online channels? And does helloart keep a commission from those sales?
Artists can continue to promote and sell their work through other channels. helloart does not keep a commission if it did not enable the sale.

Please remember to keep your helloart inventory up to date at all times. For example, if you sell an artwork through another channel, please mark it as sold on your helloart profile. You also have the option to hide/unhide or delete your artwork at any time.

Who pays the shipping fee?
The art buyer pays for shipping. If helloart is running a promotion, helloart will cover the shipping cost.

Who handles the sales process?
helloart handles the sales process end-to-end through its platform.

When and how do I get paid when my art is sold?
An artist gets paid via bank transfer, e-wire, or Paypal, within 14 days after the art is sold.

Who is responsible for damaged or stolen art?
helloart insures artworks that are being exhibited at business locations. In the event of irreparable damage or loss, the artist collects 60% of the sale price (as if it was sold) from helloart. If the damage is repairable, helloart will reimburse the artist for the repairs.

What type of businesses does helloart partner with?
helloart partners with local businesses that are interested in exhibiting local art and making it available for sale to their clientele. These include commercial and residential lobbies, restaurants, lounges, cafes, corporate offices, hotels, law firms, medical clinics, etc.

What is "ready to hang"?
Stretched canvases, work on panels, etc. are ready to hang. On the other hand, photography and work on paper must be framed or mounted to make them hangable. We highly recommend adding wires to the back of your artwork to simplify the installation process.

Does helloart require exclusively? 
No, helloart does not expect exclusivity from artists.

Is there a contract I need to sign?
There are terms and conditions that artists must agree to before creating their helloart profile.

How many times can I exhibit with helloart?
There is no limit.

Who owns the copyright of my work?
Artists will always keep the intellectual rights of their work, even when the artwork is sold.

How long is an art piece exhibited at a business location?
The exhibition period is usually 3 months.

Who is responsible for delivering my art to business locations?
The artist is responsible for delivering and collecting their artwork to and from business locations.

Who installs the artwork at the business?
helloart is responsible for hanging the art at large business, including commercial and residential lobbies. For smaller businesses, such as coffee shops and restaurants, the artist is responsible for hanging their own art. Hooks will be available on the walls for artists to hang their art. Detailed instructions will be provided to exhibiting artists via email.

What kind of artworks can I list on
helloart only accepts original/limited edition and ready-to-hang artworks. The art must be created by the artists themselves.

What if I don’t want my art to be exhibited at a specific business?
If an artist is not interested in a specific business, they can simply decline the offer. 

Are taxes charged and remitted?
Yes, helloart manages this.

Does helloart print or frame on my behalf?

Who provides the art labels?
helloart provides smart art labels for all exhibited artworks (free of cost). Each art label contains a scannable QR code, which enables art lovers to learn more about the art, and easily purchase the work using their mobile phones at the business location. See example below.