Alexandra Lubi

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Alexandra Lubi is an accomplished visual artist from Toronto, Canada. She is a graduate of two Fine Art Schools and has won various competitions and honours for her paintings and drawings. Alexandra became a teacher of art and theatrical makeup. She went on to work as a makeup artist with top European and Canadian clients, including L'Oreal England, Molson, Sposa Magazine and Toronto Film and Television and has had work featured in British Vogue 2022.
Her exposure to the beauty industry honed her skills for keen observation and visual enhancement. Alexandra applied her experience to her own beauty business, which has been successfully operating for the past 12 years in Toronto's most fashionable district.
Most recently, Alexandra returned to her passion for painting. In a sense, she has moved her canvas from the body back to the easel. Her compositions are based on deeply personal observations of her subjects. As a surrealist artist, she brings to her work an otherworldly beauty; her paintings reveal the hidden meaning of life.
About her art, Alexandra says, "I want to empower people to believe in their strengths and discover their weaknesses. Understanding who you are gives you the ability to grow."