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Christine Jermyn was born in Ireland. She has lived and worked in Dublin, Paris and New York, and has called Toronto her home for many years.

Christine spent her childhood drawing and painting and always imagined her future as an artist. However, life had other plans for her and she was unable to realize this dream until later in life. When illness forced her to leave her job she reconnected with her art and has never looked back.

Christine, while mostly self-taught, has taken many courses and has participated in a number of exhibitions. She is an active member of West Toronto Artists, a west-end Toronto community-based juried art group.


Living in Canada and experiencing the Canadian winters and summers, I am continually inspired by the beauty and resilience of the natural world. The fragile beauty of nature is the major influence on my art. I strive to represent the miracle of nature in modes that are colourful, expressive and accessible.

I paint with acrylics on gallery-stretched canvas, using brushes and other mark-making tools. I use different viscosities of acrylic paint, together with acrylic mediums, to achieve my desired semi-abstract outcome. Colour is the main element that guides my painting as can be seen in my ongoing Blossom Series.

As well as my nature-inspired art, I have recently been painting a Buddha series. Painting the Buddha is very meditative for me as I hope it will also be for the viewer.

I hope that my art will bring brightness, joy and peace into people's homes and lives.


Acrylic on canvas.


There is something about painting the Buddha face that is so relaxing for me. My thoughts slow down, my mind is calm and my hand and my brush apply the paint in an almost meditative way.

Christine Jermyn


Mixed media on canvas.


This painting was inspired by a garden of my childhood where my sisters and I often played. We explored its many paths hidden in the trees and gathered bunches of wildflowers to bring home.

Christine Jermyn