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Sima Fisher first fell in love with painting in grade school, under the teachings of her mother. It was all about The Group of 7 Artists when Sima went to Kleinberg to see the art on a class trip. Her appreciation for art only grew as the years passed, expanding a personal preference for Still Life to that of abstract expressionism.

She took a few art courses in Miami Wynwood art Distrcit with Art Basil artists Sima learned from some of the top artists of the world.. She also opened her own art studio where she taught paint nights and birthday parties. She enjoys having social gatherings and painting with other artists.

Although her specialization is with painting Horses. Sima believes in expressing her emotions through her art.. Inspired by her everyday surroundings, from conversations with others to viewing the world around he. She believes in connecting with nature while taking nature walks herinfluence takes on many forms.

She has exhibited her work world wide in Florida Wynwood Art Basil, Delray Beach art Festivals, Miami Artist brunches every sunday for two years, Los Angeles California Art showcases, Downtown Toronto Art Festivals and Cafes and in Townsville Australia. Sima travelled as an artist displaying at artshows. Sima has owned three art creative spaces in the past several years.


Painting is a form of meditation for Sima.It allows her to meditate and work through emotions. Sima is never sure how art will turn out exactly but believes every pieces has it’s own energy and purpose. Different energies and inspirations come out when Sima creates. Sima is also a singer/songwriter and actress in the Canadian Film Industry. Sima Creates all types of art and connects with others through her expressions within it.
Sima uses art as a meditation therapeutic energy.