Abdul Khaliq

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As a self taught artist; I grew up in the remote picturesque regions of North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan. The surrounding nature was always fascinating to me as well as the plains and cultural richness of Lahore Punjab; a place where I truly discovered and explored my artistic talent.

With an extensive exhibiting experience back home; my move to Canada proved to be a great boost to my artistic expressions enabling me to continue practicing and exhibit my work at several distinguished private, public venues, featured in numerous group shows, and has found a home in numerous public and private collections.


My work can be characterized as Representational Realism with the surrounding landscapes as my main inspiration and subject matter. I work with a limited palette of toned down dark earthy shades to achieve Tonalist effects in my compositions. Particularly I’m drawn to dawn, dusk and silhouettes since there’s something magical and mystical about the transitional nature in that moment, a sense of new beginning with an element of optimism with a calm melancholic contemplative feel to it. I love the subtle atmospheric nuances of light; often twilight of that moment focusing on the mood & drama.

Painting is a source of catharsis and my mode of self-expression. To me a work is finished when it vibes a sense of fulfillment and achievement. To viewers of my work, I'd like them to relate and have a sense of connection with the piece, while aesthetically intrigued.