Abuk Lual

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Abuk is a Toronto based artist who primarily works with oil and acrylic paints to convey intimate portraits, and abstract work with figurative elements. She graduated from OCAD’s Drawing and Painting program in 2021 and she has dedicated her craft to explore themes of identity, representation, and culture. She explores the usage of color as a tool to withdraw emotional honesty and connect with people. The intention of her artwork is to create dialogue and invite viewers to dissect the meaning(s).


My art practice is about representation, identity and integrating some elements of culture. With every artwork, I want to emphasize the experience as a black individual. My process is organic and free flowing, it reveals a sense of choreography between the medium and the canvas. I'm attracted to vibrant colors and shades that connect to my experiences, thoughts and feelings inspiring the concept of the artwork. By pulling ideas from my imagination and personal experiences, I create a combination of portraiture and abstract paintings with oil and acrylic paint. The imagery within my art allows viewers to conceptualize their own understanding of the world while perpetuating curiosity about the true meaning. This approach gives me the opportunity to understand myself while providing a visual and informative experience for others.


Oil on unstretched canvas.


Throughout this process, I've introduced landscape, figurative and abstract styles to project a self growth journey. The significance of the abstract in this painting acts as a personal identity to navigate viewers along the horizontal landscape. Keeping the mythology aesthetic in mind, I'm aware that women have different perspectives and experiences therefore the figures emulate different personas. Some of the figures are clear representations of black women, this was important to me to emphasize because there's always been a misunderstanding of who we are and what we go through. The underlying message of embodying female empowerment while reconnecting with ourselves despite living in this broken society.

Abuk Lual


Oil on stretched canvas.


You are a strong black woman
Society might say otherwise
You’re just another black girl passing
That’s it?
The same attitude as the last and the next
there’s no way to differentiate except the hair
Twists, braids, weaves, wigs, etc,.
We are all the same but have a different crown

Abuk Lual