Adeeba Aslam

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Adeeba was born, raised and currently resides in Toronto where she paints with her 3 children. Adeeba comes from a deeply artistic family of painters, potters and designers with roots in Pakistan. She is a self-taught artist who derives inspiration for her work from her spirituality, lived experiences and interactions with her community.
“Each painting is a deeply emotional experience for me”.

Over the past several years Adeeba has been trained with and is currently under the mentorship of a prominent Canadian artist. Adeeba’s work is influenced by colour field and expressionist painters of the 50s and 60s. She works with acrylic paint and selected mediums using unconventional tools and techniques to create her abstract pieces. Using bold colours, spatial and organic structures, Adeeba’s paintings evoke an ethereal depth and drama in telling her stories. Adeeba’s work has been featured at various locations in the greater Toronto community.