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Adrian Pynenburg is a contemporary sculptor based in Brantford, Ontario, who creates works that appear at times to defy the laws of gravity and nature. With a passion for working with wood, architecture, design, and innovation, he brings a unique perspective to his art.

Born and raised in a farming community, Adrian's work pays homage to his roots through organic, rhythmic shapes and an emphasis on the beauty of natural materials. His diverse skill set in woodworking and design has allowed him to push the boundaries of sculptural forms, transforming wood into flowing shapes that appear to ebb and flow.

Always curious and energetic, Adrian is a firm believer in life-long learning, continually seeking new methods and techniques to incorporate into his artistic practice. This dedication to growth and exploration is evident in the evolution of his sculptures, which range from pieces that evoke harmony and unity to those that delve into themes of tension and conflict.

Through his inventive approach and devotion to his craft, Adrian Pynenburg looks to captivate audiences with his dynamic and thought-provoking sculptures


I have always had a connection with wood, from my childhood days exploring the back woods of our farm to making furniture and building homes. Trees, during the winter and spring seasons have always felt like sculptures on the landscape. What truly interests me is to explore the possibilities of bending and forming wood to express movement and character in novel ways and at times test its limits. My goal is to accent the warmth, personality and attributes of the material through geometric or fluid shapes and patterns to reference the wide-ranging topics around the human condition. Themes ranging from the potential of the soaring human spirit to duality and interdependence to the fragility of life, are evoked though the natural beauty and unique character of the wood.


Wood and metal sculpture.


In the hammer series I look to reimagine the hammer beyond its intended use and perhaps shape a different perspective.

I invite viewers to see these works as a metaphor for wide-ranging topics around the human condition: power, persuasion, struggle, conflict, imbalance, even irony, fragility and self-inflicted wounds.

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Adrian Pynenburg