Adriana Rinaldi

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Adriana Rinaldi was born in Hamilton Ontario. She moved back to Italy at a young age. Even at a young age, her Italian experience had a profound artistic affect on her. She kept busy in her countryside home by drawing whatever she could. She returned to Canada and continued her artwork as a hobby throughout her secondary and high school years. Adriana worked for the Government, during which time, she joined The Springbank Artists. She found success through sales, and juried shows. Adriana discovered traditional glaze oil painting through the Canadian Glaze Oil Society.

Adriana recently was short listed for the hit show Canadian Landscape Artist of the Year and was featured as “An Artist to Collect” in the October issue of Arabella Magazine.

Adriana is a talented painter, with a high level of skills and in oil glazing. She actively participates in art events throughout Ontario, and in a very short period of has achieved a successful livelihood as a professional artist. She is living her life long dream.


I had my first professional group exhibition more than 15 years ago. I also was in turmoil as I never felt settled with a technique I felt comfortable with and longed for a richness in colour that was in my thoughts, but could not convey. I took a course in the Oil Glazing Technique and it was like I struck gold. I remember the first painting of seashells and how quickly it was painted and how satisfied I felt. "Honey, I'm home"! It changed my painting world and I haven't looked back.