Afsheadeh Abbasnezhad

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I was born and raised in Tehran/ Iran . Drawing and painting has been part of my life as long as I can remember . I chose to pursue specialized studies in Architecture due to my love of art and science.
I did lots of drawings and caricature and also explored and practiced different media and techniques during my studies at University and afterwards. I earned my Masters degree in architecture. firstly I focused more on working with portraits and figures. Shortly thereafter, I switched to exploring the various forms and colours found in architectural elements, landscapes, and visual symbols.
I presented my artworks in several exhibitions back home in Tehran and then again when I moved to Canada. I showed at the Arta gallery in Toronto Ontario in 2005.
My work gradually moved more into the contemporary genre. My focus leans more into the world of abstraction, expressionism, and trusting my Intuition.


The following art works are the result of my creative journey spanning more than 20 years.
Being fascinated by a book by Vasily Kandinsky, “Spirituality in Art” while doing research for my thesis left a big impact on the future of my creative expression. Kandinsky beautifully expressed how artwork is the reflection of our soul. I agree with that statement and feel that we mature alongside our creative expressions and our artwork also changes and evolves in tandem.
I love contemporary and abstract art as each brush stroke, colour choice or symbol contains myriad meanings. The messages would reveal over time as well as when being created.
I love and believe in Leonard Cohen’s quote:
“ poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”
I would extend this prose and apply its philosophy to any creative expression including visual art.
I am honoured to witness the rising from the ashes to create a better life and Art.