Alexander Robinson

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Alexander Robinson is an emerging artist based in Toronto, Canada. He is a self-taught artist and holds a BA in Creative Advertising from Humber College. His work is best described as a form of afro-surrealism. Through his work Robinson aims to highlight the strange experiences that come with navigating this world as a person of colour. His work tackles toxic stereotyping, human potential, and a host of other themes. He uses acrylic paints and sometimes incorporates a duo canvas technique while also making use of other materials such as the petals of artificial flowers to create his work.


Misconceptions of character and our potential to breach through them. These are themes that can speak volumes to people who have been stereotyped solely based off of their gender, race, or sexual orientation. My work examines these themes through my lens as a person of colour: that is, flowers blooming to outgrow the box people try to box them into.

With my work, I want to encourage people to suspend their assumptions and reap the benefits of taking the time to try and understand the people around them.