Alexandria Boyce

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"Tell me about yourself" four words that strike fear into an invert. Talking about yourself can be challenging! On paper I' am a graduate of Ocad University and Seneca College, with years of experience in costumer service. On a more personal level. I'am a creative spirt who loves to find outlets to express myself. Styling clothing, makeup, hair; I love it all. I am also a visable minority in more ways than one, I am a women, I am black, I' am physically disabled. Growing up I didn't see myself represented in my community or in media in one way or another. I use painting as a way to channel emotions I can't express in words and as a tool to create the representation for people of colour.


Working with watercolour began as a hobby for Alexandria, a physical activity to chase away daily anxieties.
Her paintings contain reoccurring depictions of imagined skulls and flowers as their subject matter. They are symbolic of growth, pain, and other internal emotions. Flowers are consonantly in a state of transition even as they wither; the process is fleeting like beauty and pain or growth and struggles. These are the things that come to mind when Alexandria paints flowers. The skulls represent anxiety, negative thoughts that lurk in the back of the mind