Alexis McFarland

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Alexis Mcfarland (LX) is an Australian-Filipino contemporary abstract artist based in Toronto, Canada.

Alexis delves into the realm of contemporary abstract art, where she draws profound inspiration from the intricate workings of human psychology. Her artistic expression centers on the intricate interplay between conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions, a theme that finds profound resonance in her abstract expressionism and portrait creations.

Alexis' journey as an artist traces back to her formative years, where the seeds of her passion were sown during cherished moments of crayon-drawing sessions with her Nan while under her care as a child. This early spark ignited a lifelong dedication to the arts, as she channeled her creativity into school projects, creative coursework, and art classes. Within these formative experiences, her innate artistic talents blossomed.

Art has perpetually served as Alexis' sanctuary, offering respite from the demands of the tangible world. From these foundational experiences, her identity as an artist flourished, driven by an unwavering love for the craft, and a deep-rooted understanding of the profound synergy between art and the complexities of the human psyche.


My artistic pursuit is an immersive journey into the intricacies of the human psyche, where I find profound fascination in the multifaceted spectrum of individual experiences – encompassing both the luminous and the obscure, the affirmative and the adverse. Within this intricate web of human existence, I immerse myself in an intuitive state, painting directly from the wellspring of personal encounters, life's narrative, and the profound current of the collective consciousness.

My creative process serves as a conduit for the catharsis of emotions, stemming from the tapestry of observations and insights garnered from others' lives, as well as the tapestry of my own experiences. It is through the medium of painting that I transmute these emotional currents into tangible expressions on canvas.

The inexhaustible realm of psychology and human behavior remains an unending source of intrigue for me. I am committed to plumbing the depths of the human mind and soul, seeking to capture the essence of our shared humanity through the ever-evolving canvas of my artistic exploration.